Tim Talks Tesla

Hi.  I’m an electric car enthusiast who enjoys spreading the word about just how great EVs are, what it’s like to own and drive one and why they are better than gas cars in nearly every way.

If your club, school, business or organization would like a guest speaker to talk about electric cars, please contact me.

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The New Ride

After 4 years of enjoyment from my trusty Model S, I took delivery of Tesla’s SUV, Model X.  It’s a 100D for those who follow their line up.  We’ll see how the new machine performs over the next few months.  So far, it’s been terrific!

I Did It!

Well, last night I confirmed an order with Tesla for a new Model X.  Expecting delivery at the end of July so I’ll have to keep myself distracted in the meantime.  Model X 100D, Pearl White with Ultra White interior, well optioned.  I’ll be very sad to see my classic 2013 green P85 go away. … Continue reading I Did It!

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